Over two decades ago, Mark and Lisa Vega recognized the need to develop and equip people to become influential leaders in their communities. Below you will see a brief history of the expansion of our reach.

Ignite is Launched

Having identified the need for the mentorship and development of young people, Mark and Lisa launch Ignite to develop individuals to emergence, advocacy and a life of purpose.

Move to Gainesville

Ignite moves to Gainesville, FL and expands their reach to the community – this allowed Ignite to enrich the lives of single mothers, at-risk youth and the homeless.


Ignite partners with Southeastern University to offer accredited degrees to young adults – through this venture students receive leadership training and development as well as higher education.

Foster Care

Ignite Refuge opens to serve as an emergency shelter for teens in the foster care system.


Ignite establishes its first satellite location in Phoenix, Arizona.
Ignite Biz is launched in efforts to train and resource young adults and single mothers to develop their dreams into business. The same year, Ignite Hope Basketball Court is built on the Ignite facilities and is opened to the community through a partnership with the Basketball Cop Foundation.


Ignite establishes its second satellite location in New Rochelle, New York and an online campus.
Also in 2019, Ignite provides the framework to the Mariano Rivera Foundation’s learning center initiative.